Detective Joseph Carlton: The Case of the Missing Sock!

Detective Joseph Carlton: The Case of the Missing Sock!
My name is Detective Joseph Carlton, but everyone calls me Joe. I’m a homicide detective for the Chicago Police Department and have been for 18 years. I work at the precinct on the south side of Chicago. I’m a loner and don’t work well with others. The Captain tried to put me with a partner several times, but they didn’t last long. I think he finally gave up.
My family left me a long time ago. In my line of work family doesn’t last long; my job came first, and my family came second. I live in a run-down apartment building on the south side of Chicago. The only things I have and want is my job (which I am very good at) and my booze. The job keeps me sharp and the booze dulls the memories.
I got a call dispatching me to a homicide in a run-down apartment. When I arrived, I found an elderly man shot in the back of the head. There was no break in and didn’t look like anything was taken, course the old man didn’t have much anyway. Nothing was disturbed; no struggle. So, why was he shot? A thousand questions ran through my mind. Did he know the killer?
I stood there in the room, just staring at the old man for a few minutes. What’s really sad is unless a person comes from the better side of town or has money and influence no one cares if this old man is dead or alive. Only me!
He was decked out in a dress suit, tie and shoes but only one sock! The apartment was combed, but the missing sock was nowhere to be found. My gut feeling was that this missing sock was the key to identifying the murderer. Come along and help solve the mystery of the missing sock. You will be shocked at what Detective Joe finds out! See if you reach the same conclusion!

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