Forever in Time Book 1

Forever in Time Book 1
Greg was a young man that had lived a life of crime. With his father in prison and his mother a prostitute, Greg had no choice but to take care of himself. He knew the streets and that’s where he learned to survive; by becoming a thief. His partner-in-crime had a tight leash on him. He wanted to change but didn’t know how. Find out what he went through and if he was able to make the change! Less

This is a story told from the perspective of a killer. You will hear about his life from childhood to adulthood; on hardships and cruelty, he endured. His father was sent to the pen when he was a small child and his mother became a prostitute to make ends meet. He did not grow up in a happy home nor was he given the attention or love a child needs. If the truth is known, he didn’t have a chance in life. He was destined for failure. At an early age, he learned to take care of himself. The school was forced on him and the only thing he learned was how to get in trouble. He was headed for prison!

In his words, “As I sit in my cell staring out the window, the sunlight casts a shadow of bars on the wall behind me and on me. I look at the light as my freedom. This is what keeps me going. As darkness falls I play out in my mind what will happen to me while I am in jail. First and foremost, I will keep moving toward the light.
In this world of uncertainty, I wonder where I will end up. Will I be in prison for the rest of my life? Will I ever experience the warmth of full sunlight on my body and no shadows of bars? Will I always be in the dark?
While in prison, I’ve turned to read the Bible and have come to the realization that God Himself is the Master of our lives. But He gave us free will. I chose the wrong path. I put myself here, not God. I wonder what His plan is for me now.
Will those I have wronged ever forgive me? I am sure there are several here asking the same question. I think what I am really asking is for mercy. By putting my story on paper, I hope someone will learn from my mistakes and it influences at least one person to choose the right path. With tears flowing from my eyes I ask the question, “Where is the light for me?”

Live Out the Adventure.​​​