Perils of War Book 1

Perils of War Book 1
Sammy grew up on streets of Chicago, going nowhere. His real desire was to be someone his mom could be proud of. Without her support, encouragement and love, Sammy would not have made the break away. See how Sammy made the break and ended up in the jungles of Viet Nam and ultimately a visit to the White House. Less
We all have to choose our own path in life. Some go for greatness and pursue their dreams. Sadly, others don’t choose at all; and may not even know where they are headed. If you don’t choose your path, life will choose it for you.

So goes it with Sammy. A 19-year old black kid from the streets of Chicago. He had no ambition, no drive. The year was 1968 and he lived on the south side of Chicago; a place of poverty, crime, and uncertainty. He lived with his mother who worked two jobs to keep a roof over their heads. His father had run off when he was a baby and never came back. This was Sammy’s life. Hanging out on street corners with his so-called friends; not knowing what tomorrow would bring.

Sammy’s life seemed to be going nowhere until one day fate stepped in. Fate always has a way of changing things and that day it changed Sammy’s life forever.

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